sun-07.jpgThe sun burns bright in the night sky. As the molten world looked to its star, the star look back upon it. By now the star had existed for thousands of years. When the great ingots fell into place and the core of the world was created entities descended upon it creating a living; breathing world. As the molten material was molded into the form of a world the sun bestowed its darkest spots upon the world. Dark spots that held the power of the suns knowledge.

These dark spots roamed the molten landscape as the Tree and Dragon lords formed the planet. And when the forming was done they took hold in the form of statues that existed in the ice cold realms of the north.

Many centuries passed as the structures composed of the stars darkness and its deepest strengths and lore stood guard. They stood untouched over the frozen landscapes and were admired by the giants that traveled from Giandom. They were revered by the Elves of the South. Worshipped by the dwarves that lived in the recesses of the world.

However a great being descended upon the world a great dragon whose size was that of galaxies. His form dwindled and he walked amongst the beings of the world as a long and tall humanoid with bright wings.  Ferybrand Galactos the Legendary Dragon Lord looked upon the structures. The Dragon in humanoid form could feel the stars energy within them. He gazed to the sun as a father gazed upon his child. For Ferybrand was the father of all stars. His wings composed of the brightest and hottest in all the realms.

His lips spoke a smooth and flowing tongue that the grounds trembled at. His voice rang across the meadows and bounced back and forth between the mountains. With a few words the structures melted into a bright and hot liquid. From this six humanoids appeared, one for each type of star that existed in the realms of the Alltree. Each took the color of that star in the form of their eyes. With that they were tasked with protecting the stars knowledge and the darkness that inherently is within all creatures and creation just like the sun that shone bright above them.

Hundreds of years had passed since Ferybrand Galactos came down. The six beings had made a pact to build a world empire, and order of knights that would protect the world from darkness. For many centuries they did just that, until they had spent to much time apart. Imbued in them was the power of all the stars that existed in the realms. Each was beyond any power the world had seen in its inhabitants. The power Galactos had bestowed upon them made them immortal, their skin was immune to heat, immune to pressure. Their lunges could not be purged, they could not be drowned. Their skin was supercharged by radiant bliss, power so pure laid in their veins they could not be pierced my weapon or magic. Their bodies produced a field of starlight that was invisible to the natural eye, the starlight allowed them to bend time and move at immeasurable speeds. But after long years of being apart building their knight hood the humanoids would begin to become unstable the further they traveled apart. The knighthood fell apart as they no longer convened and fell to their own vices.

As the once strong knighthood that had prospered in all the world for a few thousand years fell. As they stopped protecting the world from darkness when it needed. Darkness was allowed to prevail. Events began to occur, The Plague of Fiddles ravaged the world. The war of Pirates engulfed the seas, and the Necromancer arose to power twice blotting out the sun. For the beings were so infatuated with themselves and what they had built in their corrupted solitude. They no longer cared for the world. And so the sun looked upon them and called to Ferybrand Galactos. The sun used the Great Dragons power and cursed the humanoids. Then Ferybrand cursed them in the suns eyes. For when the sun would look upon them their power drenched skin would burn. From that day on the Vampires would fear their father the sun, and from that day on they would be mortal enemies with a new race of celestial creatures. Galactos felt so betrayed by the beautiful creatures he and the sun had created that he turned to the moon. Galactos called upon her to create a race of her own. And so the werewolves were created to torment the vampires and eat away at the remnants of their shattered Knighthood.

To this day the Vampires stay separated never threatened by the wolves but always kept on their toes. Always looking for ways to sooth the repulsiveness the wolves made them feel. They kept locked away in their brotherhoods old sanctuaries built strong and prideful. Casltes build of beautiful elements with grand halls. Now decaying into dust just like their inhabitants. The Vampires are consumed by loneliness and have spent years creating armies of other vampires trying to find solace in at least one of them but never filling the feeling of fulfilment.

To this day only one of the six Vampires has been absolved of his sins and has returned to the fight against darkness. He is regarded as one of the most powerful creatures in all the realms.

His name is Cain…

And he is King of the Vampires…


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