Forward into oblivion

The wings of darkness, avian

The ceaseless void of time and space

To creations dawn this is no race

My mind erupts a cosmic fissure

The infinite source of many treasures

From the blank easel of infinite shadow

The fire erupts, serpents arise fully hallow

From the burning passion and burning rage

Comes a time to create this new page

From shadow and fire

I create what most I desire

Bending time, space, and gravity

Into a new universe, born with new identity

Stars awakens, and worlds come alive

Creations from which all will survive

I paint the heavens, I paint the stars

I paint forces that leave many scars

Gravity, society, and soon to be beast in variety

With my pen I write dreams

With my pen I create the heroes who gleam

From the mountains to the seas

From the plains and the trees

I hear the men, I hear their plea

The tears of the lost the pain of the fallen

The aspiration of those who befallen

The grass that sways the water that glistens

I created destiny for those who listen

The machines of war and the tools of peace

The tools of men filled with oil and grease

The paper and pen to sign many treaties

The right to hold ideas in a committee

From kings to slaves, from merchants and trade

Some good things I say shall never fade

From love and fear, from forgiveness and hate

All will save the world before it will be to late

With all above, with family at side

The balance will soon see the turn of the tide

For love, destiny and all the rest

All will rise to be their very best

From legends of races, to legends of lore

All will rise to open this grand new door

From dragons and angels, from shades and veil

The universe will change and all will hail

Hail to glory, hail to friends, hail to all

To all who fall

Fall for destiny, fall for cause, fall for love

Fall for the great stars above

But I have written it all to date

That one grand day I’ll open the cosmic gate

And all shall know of fear and pain

All shall know of pride and shame

All shall see the light and shade

As the great stories of old begin to fade

The pen wills the balance of good

The pen wills the balance of evil

For the pen sees the balance of all good and evil

From the rings, from the dragons of old

From the Angels, and from sound alone

From the tree of kings, the tree of gods

Heroes and villains against the odds

Ever eternal, ever bright

Always willing to fight the great fight

For all is set straight

And we all conquered fate

For good and evil are now one

The story of the universe has now just begun


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