This Site serves as a chance to entertain the mind with a fantastic universe. A universe of cosmic conflict and stories told around the campfire. Prepare to see the scope and imagine worlds and stories of your own!

My name is Gabriel and I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by fantastic stories and legends. My whole life I watched movies of fantastical warriors and epic tales. I’ve been privy to worlds as in depth and alive as our very own. Now it’s my chance to let the world see the world I have created. So let me formally welcome you to the wonderful universe of the Alltree.

The Stories I tell have taken place on numerous worlds, some of primitive technology and some of space fairing technology. Much all are bound my magic and the life force of the Alltree and it’s children. Some stories are of legends, some of sadness, but all have a lessons. Please come and sit with me around this fire and let me tell you the story of a universe tucked away in the recesses of time.